About Us

Since 1969, GRODAN has been the world-wide leader in helping commercial soil-less growers of fruit, flowers and vegetables. The GRODAN company is a part of the  ROCKWOOL Group which employs more than 11,000 people in more than 35 countries.

GRODAN's success comes not only from quality products, but also from our dedication to our customers. The GRODAN name is synonymous with high quality horticultural stone wool- an inert medium discovered near volcanoes in the 1800’s and later created in factories by GRODAN to grow plants without soil. GRODAN stone wool is produced under the highest quality control standards (ISO 9001) with great consideration to protecting the environment. We are the first substrate producer to have been awarded the prestigious European Eco-label; a more stringent environmental label that is used in Europe. But this is not enough to ensure success. GRODAN is also a solution provider. Through our website and regional representation throughout the world, the company strives to educate growers step by step on how to best use GRODAN products. For over 45 years, GRODAN has been at the cutting edge in the cultivation of safe, healthy and high quality vegetables and plants. GRODAN is the trusted name in the commercial soil-less industry. At GRODAN Inc. (N American subsidiary of GRODAN B.V.), we expand this philosophy of being a solution provider to not only encompass commercial growers, but also home gardeners.

GRODAN products can be found in over 3,000 garden centers and specialty shops in North America alone. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Greater concern for the environment. With the use of re-circulating systems, water and fertilizer usage can be reduced by 75% in comparison to traditional soil gardening. Because of greater environmental concerns- such as fertilizer runoff, use of chemical pesticides and excess water usage– gardeners are turning to controlled soil-less growing to lessen their effects on the environment.
  • Light weight alternative to potting mixes. In GRODAN, the plant can remain for the remainder of its life. No re-potting is necessary since even root-bound plants get enough oxygen.
  • Desire to grow more in less space. Rooftop and patio gardeners have discovered the wonders of growing tons of plants in limited space using soil-less methods.

Our service-oriented philosophy encompasses both consumers and retail store owners. Consumers, educators and general hobbyists can download growing guides and contact us here. Click here to view all websites from the ROCKWOOL Group.