Can I use a 6” block (Hugo) in an ebb & flood system?

Stone wool will have good capillary movement (ability to pull up a nutrient solution against gravity) in up to 4” tall blocks. Any block higher than this such as the Hugo will remain drier on the top, depending on how high the tray is flooded. So if your flooding is less than 2” high, then go with the 4” blocks. But you never want the GRODAN to just be sitting completely in water. 

The best bet is to water like Mother Nature does- from top to bottom. That’s why we recommend top watering over ebb & flood for GRODAN products. Download the brochure “Watering and pH” from the brochure page to learn more on watering tips for drip irrigation.

It’s easy to convert your ebb & flood system into a top feed system. Disconnect the ½” tubing from the valve. Bend the end of the tube and tie it. Insert a piece of ¼” tubing into the ½” tubing. The ¼” tubing should then run up the outside of the pot and with a drip stake be secured to the blocks at the top of the pot.