How do I prepare the Hydrokorrels for use with my hydroponic plants? I need to know if I should remove the seedling from the starter cube before placing it in the cup with the Hydrokorrels around it. Lastly, how low should I keep the light unit from the s

If you started the seedling in a GRODAN starter cube - do not pull the seedling out of the product, this will kill the plant. The GRODAN product has great moisture retention, whereas hydrokorrels (hydroton) have very limited moisture retention.

If you use a GRODAN cube wrapped in plastic (e.g. the mini cube), then remove the plastic before inserting the plant in the hydrokorrels. The top of the cube should be visible, but cover the sides with hydrokorrels.

When using hydrokorrels and watering on a timer, the fine active root tips of the plant will dry out a bit between the watering. Consider adding a few of the GRODAN Grow-Cubes™ (also known as the 'croutons'). They will provide moisture to the roots. Even if you are using continuous watering, these 'croutons' will help distribute the water more evenly into your pot.

Distance from plant to light; it depends on several things; how many watts, plant type, nutrient level, etc. Some people go all the way down to 18 inches. I use 3 feet with a 750-watt light and 2 feet with 400 watt. My best suggestion is that you start a little higher than you think you want. Watch the plants! If they grow well and don't get stretchy, then you are fine. If you get dark or wilted spots, you are too close. Stretching plants means that the light is too far away. The heat from the lamps can also burn the plant. A fan can help offset the problem.

For further questions, please contact the store you purchased the products from. They always have good tips.