What to use instead of GreenMix and how to condition Gro-Wool

I have decided to use some Grow-Cubes™ in the bottom with some Gro-Wool™ and a few Grow-Cubes on top in place of the discontinued GreenMix, as you suggested. Do you suggest using the Europonic stone wool conditioner from hydrodynamics?  How long must Gro-Wool be soaked overnight?

Answer: The purpose of 'conditioning' is to dissolve and wash out the lime stone from the wool. Lime stone is pH 8 - thus anything under pH 8 will dissolve the lime stone. Lime stone is vital when we produce stone wool, but getting the lime stone into your stock tank makes it the pH too high for the plants - so we like to wash it out. Gro-Wool typically takes a little extra work to wash out well. However if you have the Grow-Cubes and Gro-Wool in your mix - it does make it easier.

  • Take tap water and adjust to pH 5.5. You can use the suggested product as long as you achieve a pH of 5.5 Keep pouring the solution onto the Gro-Wool until you have a lot of run off.  Use at least twice as much water as your container of wool can hold.
  • Leave it for 30 min or so.
  • Mix up your balanced nutrient solution.
  • Water your Gro-Wool from the top - using as much water volume as before.
  • Drain to waste (not to your tank, as the lime then will end up there).
  • Now you are ready to place the container in your system and pot up your plant.