Why does the GRODAN Stater tray not come with 98 cells to suit the package of plugs? What about inserts for your other plugs 50/pkg and 200/pkg?

The inserts we make must fit into the standard 10 x 20" flat black tray that everyone uses. For that reason there is only room for 66 individual cells If you want to use the full package of 98 plugs - then you simply place the package directly into the 10 x 20" flat. Most of our commercial growers will start plants that way.

The advantage of using the insert is one that the roots from each cube do not get entangled. And secondly by having the tray hang on the 10x20 flat you can have water underneath that helps creates the necessary humidity. The 98-count packages is by far the most popular starter plug so we started with an insert for those.

The number of packages used of the 50 plugs or the 200 plugs is low. The mold to make an insert is very expensive - so if we made an insert now it would probably costs us about $40 per insert- which no one will pay. - but thanks for your suggestion - keep them coming!