GroLog FAQ

Q: On my Android phone, once I get to the GroLog home screen I can't access the menu or use the app!  What's the deal?!? 

A: The GroLog app uses the menu button extensively in its user interface, so if you don't know how to access the menu you won't be able to use the app.  Some newer devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, no longer directly support the standard 'menu' button on their devices.  For devices like this, instead you must use the 'multitasking' button that resembles one rectangle stacked on another.  That oughta do the trick!

Q: How do I change which data fields I want to keep track of in the middle of one of my grows?

A: After selecting the grow you wish to modify, tap the ‘More’ button (see image below), then choose the ‘Settings’ option.  In the Grow Settings screen, simply select whichever settings you’d like to add/delete or modify any nutrients/additives and tap ‘Save’. 


Q: Does GRODAN have access to the data/pictures I enter into the GroLog™? 

A: Nope.


Q: How do I delete a log entry or an entire grow?

A: Swipe left on the white box showing the log entry and/or grow.


Q: Do I have to use GRODAN stone wool to be able to use the GroLog?

A: No, you can use the GroLog in conjunction with any growing media or any style of gardening you wish.  However, the GroLog is designed to get you “dialed-in” as a grower and the more dialed-in you are, the more benefits you can reap from using an inert hydroponic media like stone wool.


Q: Can I use the GroLog on my Android smart phone?

A: Yes!  The GroLog is now available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Q: Can I sync GroLog data across multiple devices or platforms?

A: No, all data entered into the GroLog is private to that device.  The GroLog does not store your data in the "cloud" or elsewhere, therefore you can only access it on the device you're using in your garden, even if you're using multiple devices with the same software (i.e. an iOS iPhone and iPad).

That being the case, it is easy to share your GroLog data and information with other devices or growing partners by using the e-mail features for both the customizable grow reports and graphs. You can also choose to send the grow reports as a .csv file, or spreadsheet.  Some growers use multiple devices and e-mail those spreadsheets to a single computer to compile all the data in one all-inclusive spreadsheet.  What’s more, some online services, like Google for instance, even have online document hosting so multiple people can all work on the same spreadsheet.


Do you have another question about the GroLog?  Contact us and let us know!