What to know about Grow-Chunks



These little versatile gems, known in the industry as the new, “larger croutons”, are the perfect solution for the new converts (i.e. those transitioning from soil to stone wool) or for those “obsessive waterers” (you know who you are). But more than that, Grow-Chunks work exceptionally well as a low-maintenance media for household decorative plants used in conjunction with timed-release fertilizer, then hand watered. This media can be mixed with expanded clay pellets or just about anything. They can be used in an ebb & flood system (in a net basket) or drip irrigation. And they’re sized perfectly to fill the space of any unique- or unusually- shaped container. Because of the difference in size, expect Grow-Chunks to stay moist a little longer than the Grow-Cubes, while the spaces between the squares still allow for maximum oxygenation and drainage. 


Flush the Grow-Chunks with a pH 5.5 nutrient solution before placing them into your system.


  1. Fill a plant container with them, or place a Gro-Block (after removing plastic) in the middle, and surround it with the chunks.
  2. Fill a net basket with them and use them in an Ebb & Flood system.
  3. Mix it with outdoor garden soil to aerate the soil and help retain moisture throughout the heat of the summer.
  4. Check out our guide to Ebb and Flow Bucket Systems


  • This product doesn’t have any no-no’s! It is so versatile it can be used just about anywhere!