Basil - opal basil, annual basil


Propagation: Seed in AO 25/40 10/10 or AO 36/40 10/10 or MM 40/40 6/15
Temperature: 70 - 80°F. Humidity: Not critical.
Germination time: 7 days.

Root /grow: Approximately 4 to 5 weeks.

Transplanting: To slab or NFT when seedlings are 1-2 inches.
Plant spacing: 1-3” between each plant stem.
Preferred temperature: Day:75-85°F, Night: 65°F (can be cooler)

Special nutrient requirements: Mg should be 80 ppm

Growing time to harvest: (after transplanting)
Summer: 3-4 weeks Winter: 5-6 weeks
Number of harvests: 1-6

Yield: Summer: 5 lbs per 10 ft. NFT trough. Winter: 2 lbs per 10 ft. NFT trough

Light: Requires full sun. Basil will grow poorly when day length drops below 11 hours.
Basil is very susceptible to disease on short days.
Supplemental light: 700 foot candles at bench level will give excellent results.

Sensitive to: Very sensitive to most diseases especially Pythium. Insects: Aphids.

Notes: Basil may be harvested once or up to 6 times. If you are planning on harvesting several times plant at 3 inch centers; never cut more than 1/2 of the shoot during any one harvest. During short days it may not be possible to harvest basil more than once because of its sensitivity to disease. The cultural practices for opal basil are the same as basil except growth is slow and yields will only be 10-30% of the yields for green basil. Opal basil; purple leaves need more intense light.