Chervil - perennial


Propagation: Seed in AO 25/40 10/10
Temperature: 65 - 70°F. Humidity: 75% plus
Germination time: 7 days.

Root /grow: Approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Transplanting: To slab or NFT when first true leaves are developed.
Plant spacing: 1” between each plant stem on slab (or NFT).
Preferred temperature: Day: 70-75°F, Night: 50-60°F (likes cool temperatures)

Special nutrient requirements: None

Growing time to harvest: 4 weeks

Yield: 1 lbs per 5 ft. NFT trough.

Light: Chervil grows best under extremely low light. Avoid direct sunlight on the plant, will bleach.

Sensitive to: Fungal infections:
Little Insects: Aphids, especially during warm periods. Aphids love Chervil.

Notes: Chervil is a low light cool temperature crop. At temperatures above 70-75°F, the plant will grow slowly and bolt to flower at an early age. Cool roots are critical to ensure good growth. Unless shade and special cooling is used, chervil is difficult to grow in the summer. It is the perfect winter crop if you can sell it. Best under low lights.