Spear and Peppermint


Propagation: Root cuttings in AO 25/40 10/10 using a mild rooting powder.
Mint roots easily in less than a week.
Temperature: 75-80°F. Humidity: 75-80%.
Germination time: N/A

Root /grow: Approximate transplant time: Summer: 1-2 weeks. Winter: 1-2 weeks.

Transplanting: To slab or NFT when roots penetrate the cube.

Special nutrient requirements: None

Growing time to harvest: (after transplanting)
Summer: 4 weeks. Winter: 6-7 weeks.
Number of harvests: Unlimited.

Yield: Summer: 2-3 lbs per 5 ft. NFT trough. Winter: 1-2 lbs per 10 ft. NFT trough.

Light: Enjoys full sun, but grows in partial shade.

Sensitive to: Fungal infections: Susceptible to leaf diseases if grown too close.
Insects: Whitefly.

Notes: Do not grow mint from seed. Peppermint does not produce seed (even though it is sold by some seed companies; what they are selling is not peppermint.) It is also rare to find true spearmint seed. The mints are easy to grow and requires little care. High humidity in the winter will result in leaf mold, so be careful. Do not harvest more than 2/3 of leaf area at any one time.