Seed - The Easy Way

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Seed - Easy Way 1
  1. After preparing your starters (A-Ok plugs, round Macroplugs, or Miniblocks) according to instructions in the soak section, plant your seed or cutting (clone). Make sure work area is clean and disease free. Dip cuttings in a rooting hormone beforehand.
Easy Way 2
  1. Place prepared starters in a zip-lock bag or a tray with a clear ventilation dome. Leave bag open a 1/2 inch.

    Starters should not need any water for the first week. Mist lightly if they begin to dry. DO NOT keep the starters soaking wet.

  1. Adjust ventilation dome or open up bag as seedling emerges or cutting takes root.

    By 2-4 weeks (at least 4 leaves), the seedling should be ready for transplant.