Bubbler bucketDIY vs ready made

There is a lot to be said for buying a ready made system from the many reputable manufacturers in the hydroponics industry:

  • Minimum amount of set up
  • Product support from manufacturer and local store.
  • Proven to work.

However, creating your own system also has its benefits:

  • Usually less expensive than a ready made system.
  • Can utilize recycled materials.
  • Can be tailored to your own specific growing needs and environment.
  • Satisfaction of constructing your own unique system.

Gutter ntfBelow you will find links to some DIY systems that we have made for our GRODAN garden. Feel free to send us pics and designs of your own. If we use it on our website, you will get a goodie package from GRODAN!

Various DIY systems:

Passive systems (e.g. roots immersed in water, wick systems, hand watering, etc.)

Active systems (nutrients delivered to roots using pumps and timers)

Ready Made Systems: