Transplant & Root


1.  If you have a plant that was started in soil, coco, or peat and would like to transplant it into stone wool, begin by gently washing the media from the plant's roots.  You can easily transplant this plant into Grodan GROW-CUBES™, GROW-CHUNKS™, or GRO-WOOL™. 


2.  What you'll need for transplanting: 

A GRO-BLOCKTM or a container of GROW-CUBESTM, GRO-WOOLTM, or your media of choice and plant food.

IMPORTANT: Always condition and water the stone wool you are transplanting into with the same plant food you were using on the plant starter to avoid any transplant shock.  Remember, after soaking and flushing the stone wool it will retain a good amount of moisture, so don't water your transplant right away.  Rule of thumb: Mist your newly transplanted plants twice daily.  Start with very modest watering  (a few ounces) when there is sign of new leaf setting.  As always; never let stone wool go bone dry!



5.  Transplant your Plant Starters into larger GRO-BLOCKS (size 3"-4") for better root settings, transplanting, moisture management, and overall growth.  This is especially helpful for larger plants with longer lifespans.

From here, it is easy to transplant onto a GRO-SLABTM, a larger block like a BIG MAMATM, or into a container of growing media.


4. A-OK Starter PlugsTM: Once the you see about 0.5-1" of root growth below the plug, it is time to transplant.  They can go straight into the GRO-BLOCK hole, as they do not have any wrapping on them.   Your best bet is to transplant the starter plug into a 3" or 4" GRO-BLOCK.

WHY?  It is much easier to control the moisture level in a 3"-4" GRO-BLOCK than a larger block. Just wait until the block feels really light before you water.  Smaller blocks like these will keep an even moisture level in the entire block. Rule of thumb: water 15 minutes before the block goes dry.

If you transplant into bigger blocks: It is essential to keep the upper part of the block moist by misting or watering sparingly.


4.  MINI-BLOCKSTM are somewhat different from the A-OK Starter Plugs as they are individually wrapped.  When transplanting a MINI-BLOCK, you have several options. 

First, you may place one MINI-BLOCK on a larger GRO-BLOCKTM.  If working with smaller, faster growing plants or herbs you can put numerous MINI-BLOCKS on the same UNI-SLABTM.  When transplanting onto a UNI-SLAB simply cut an 'X' into the plastic where you will place your transplant.  In both of these cases you will want to leave the wrapping on the block to reduce algae. 

If transplanting from a MINI-BLOCK to a container of media (such as GROW-CUBESTM), remove the wrapping before transplanting.  However, it is advised you first transplant into a 3-4" GRO-BLOCK.


6.  As propogated plants grow into larger GRO-BLOCKS or containers, try to maintain a nutrient strength of E.C. 1.5-2.0 (approx. PPM of 750-1,000) and water as needed.