How to grow in pots

Plant food

Each time you water, use 1-2 teaspoon dry plant food per gallon of water. You can also mix in slow release food. If you do that, do not add food to the water the first growing season.

Garden Center

Ask them how to care for your plant, how much light and how wet should you keep the potting mix. Also ask them if the plant likes the local tap water of whether it should be more acidic.

The plant

Whether you are potting up an existing plant or just purchased a new plant, you first need to remove as much soil/peat as you can. This is best done by gently showering the roots. It is important not to damage the fine white roots.

Potting mix

Now you are ready to choose your potting mix!. Use the table previous page. You can mix & match to your heart's (and plant's!) desire.

Potting up

  • Choose a pot 1 or 2 sizes bigger than normal, so your plant has room to grow there for a long time.
  • Add your pre-wetted mix to the pot and make a hole for your plant.
  • Do not 'pack' the mix, let it's own weight do the packing.
  • Use pure Gro-Wool™ if you aim to go long between waterings.
  • If you want to make sure the water drains easily out of the pot, put a layer of Clay wool or Perlite wool at the bottom. You can do this no matter which potting mix you put on top.