What's up with Organic?

Organic is the hot topic these days. The thought behind the idea is good, but the terminology is poorly defined and often misunderstood. On top of that the word 'organic' is greatly misused by consumer products.
The perception is that to be a true organic grower you must grow your crops the old fashion way in the ground. You mix in manure, guan, or organic fertilizer into the soil. However, each time you water your garden, you are washing nitrate into the ground water and everybody's drinking water, which is not good for anybody. In fact in Northern Europe, for most crops, it is prohibited to grow produce without collecting the drain water and reusing it.

To be Organic should mean to protect Mother Nature and its creatures. You need to look at the whole picture: Which products have the least negative impact on the environment, people and animals. This is in fact the way the European Eco label certification works.
Here are some links that explains the Organic versus Eco label.